2021 Psychic Predictions

2021 psychic predictions

  1. A new whistle blower arises to bring very critical information and people will loose faith in the corruption of the system and media.
  2. The fake news will finally begin to crumble.
  3. There will be an epic change that removes Biden and shocks the world. the energy in this event is beyond anything we have seen in our lifetime
  4. The economy will continue to grow and almost all real estate in the USA will go up in value.
  5. The virus will be found to have been not very dangerous and highly exaggerated. the shut downs were done for an evil reason
  6. Government scandals will rock the world, this is a time of awakening and revealing the truth. The truth about UFO’s secret agencies and vast corruption will be shocking but the young will act as if they have known all along and the old guard simply cant contain what they have been hiding. Secrets and corruption exposed
  7. Roger Stone becomes a key witness in bringing truth to the people
  8. People will see that their are true demons and evil in politics and Hollywood unfortunately mostly in the USA and that they used this to orchestrate truly evil things.
  9. Canada and Australia both will face tough times as people lose faith in the government and system. Similar to the USA they have betrayed their citizens
  10. Mc Donald’s finally jumps on the plant based burger wagon the McPlant, McVeggie
  11. Sound will be used in the development of new medical procedures or cures
  12. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will see a wild ride up and down and up. Crypto will be very popular this year
  13. Silver will go up in value as will platinum
  14. There are some sorts of fight over water rights and water privatization, water being used as a way to control populations
  15. More Vegan food trends plant based cosmetics and other products will turn toward plants and investments in these companies
  16. Facebook Google and Twitter will be caught manipulating data and being used as propaganda weapons. Amazon and other perhaps just as guilty will escape prosecution for the near future, but their day will come
  17. People claiming they are from the future will present some interesting information to make others wonder if they are actually telling the truth, some of the information seems very compelling and hard to dismiss
  18. Some new music hits will mix a combination of American pop, latin music and Indian music to make new world hits
  19. Earthquakes will be shaking the earth this year
  20. Something will happen in the ocean or near the ocean by Florida and Louisiana it will baffle the science community and geologist who will not be able to explain it.
  21. The economy will recover well as money and the money system will change
  22. numbers appear to many people in sequence giving them a sign that spirit is sending a message.
  23. illness or health problems related to tattoos will come in the near future

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