Are alternative and holistic healers capable of helping with wrinkles, anti-aging and skin. Its been shown that energy healing can be beneficial to physical injury, medical conditions and helping restore health and harmony in our bodies. So if this is the case, can energy healing be used to help with wrinkles skin conditions and anti-aging? Energy Healing for Anti Aging? The answer in my opinion is “Yes”! After working with a client who had surgery to tighten their skin I did a number of sessions working exclusively on the skin and helping to restore and repair the skin in and around the face. With the help of intuition and guides I became more aware of the possibilities and potentials of using energy healing or Reiki to improve skin conditions, remove scars and help the overall health and elasticity of skin.

Besides directly working with the skin and skin conditions on an energetic level, both Energy healing and Reiki help to reduce stress and anxiety which are both conditions often linked and related to aging and wrinkles. Energy healing sessions can be a wonderful and blissful experience and if the client leaves with the benefit of looking and feeling younger, your healer might want to keep this work low key or risk getting more wrinkles themselves.