Qigong 氣功 is an ancient and powerful teaching & healing that has been practiced for centuries by millions of Chinese people. Qigong healing is perhaps the energy healing of china thats now finding it’s way into the communities of the west. Qigong healing is used to benefit health on many different levels, incorporating movements, visualizations, sounds, breathing and conscious intention. Qigong energy healing aims to remove energy blockages and restore chi energy within the greater human body. The practitioner harnesses universal energy to restore and establish new energy streams that are effecting ones life and health. The benefits of Qigong are extensive and still being expanded on, for general health, specific health needs and optimal performance qigong healing is here to stay.

Qigong can be beneficial to many aspects of our health, including but not limited to reducing stress, lowering cortisol therefore improving sleep and rest for the body. Many illnesses, diseases (when the body is not at ease) can be attributed to stress, lack of rest, worry, dread, and fear. Using Qigong to help relax the mind and body can greatly improve ones health in this single aspect alone. These benefits can also help to lower blood pressure, help improve digestion and stomach issues that may be related to worry and stress. As another beneficial result Qigong can help improve the immune system.  Qigong can also contribute to our emotional and mental health states. Studies have shown improvements in cognitive and memory related tests, as well as reflex and cognitive speed performance.

Qigong healing may date back thousands of years and is perhaps one the oldest healing modalities still studied and improved upon today. Modern Qigong therapy is definitely one to consider for anyone deciding what healing modality is best for them.


Since there are various qigong practitioners in many communities and numerous options are usually available in larger metropolitan areas. Do your own research and look for reviews and referrals before choosing a Qigong therapist to work with. A quality honest Qigong practitioner is usually busy and one you will most likely tell your friends about.

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