Finding a Healer

We all want to find the perfect healer, the perfect friend, the right doctor and the right teachers in life. We want them to just magically appear and to always be there when we need them, however we know this is just not possible. Professional Healers also want to find the right clients, the ones they can communicate with and establish a beneficial relationship with, for healers “success” is helping others, it helps to build credibility for their work and provides the growth and healing clients are seeking. Finding the right healer can be just as complicated as finding a life partner, now don’t let that scare you away but just be aware of how important the choices you make may be. Between healers and their clients the relationship can often be much more intimate than with a doctor, a friend, or even a spouse, or family member. Intimacy not meaning you fall in love or want to become sexually involved but rather meaning deeper in the exploration of who and what it means to be you holistically. (“Holistically” -seeing you in a way that treats the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of discomfort, illness or disease.) When a person seeks out a healer they need to be prepared to begin the healing process and this process can go much deeper and be much more life changing for the better than they may realize. Healers and healings can vary greatly and you may or may not experience a healer who addresses all of your holistic nature. With that in mind the adventure in finding a healer who will meet your needs should be considered in choosing a modality and healer of your choice. Some healers may not share much of their experience and simply work to help you with physical complaints or energy blockages where others may share and encourage you to go deeper into the underlying nature of your being. There are many possibilities on how and why we need healing and the choice of healer will have a great impact on how we heal. There is no one correct answer about who you are or what will happen, it is all just the probability of a possibilities equation. I will say that again ” it’s all just the probability of a possibilities equation” Healers come in many forms, many ages and with many intentions, so choose wisely and try out more than one modality to see which one is best for you. Trust your own intuition, ask the angels to guide you and be clear and honest with yourself. It is never a good idea to commit to multiple sessions before meeting and working with a healer at least once.

We wish you the best of luck in finding the right healer, the process for some may be harder than for others, open yourself up to the possibility that the right healer will be there for you and let the light shine in and upon you. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings, my dear ones may love and healing guide your way on.

You can get the life you always dreamed about, its up to you to change your destiny and live out your dreams! Start now, there is no better time, it is the only time you really actually ever have.