We are surrounded by so many forms of communication that the sheer volume of information can make it difficult to form solid opinions or feelings on what is true, real, and trustworthy in our lives. Today the majority of people do not trust the authorities, the police, their neighbors or strangers; and this presents a major dilemma for young people to find trust and faith in the world around them. Perhaps there are many aspects of your life that you would like to pursue, explore, change or make happen yet you avoid these for reasons that are born from fear. It’s often hard to trust another person once you’ve been hurt or programmed to be cautious. Trusting goes against the very powerful pattern of caution and protection, yet if you do not have trust and faith you often block your own opportunities and advancements. You have to believe that good exists and that there is enough good to overcome the bad. Living in a cycle of distrust, caution and protection is isolating and exhausting, yet we often believe it is the safest way to exist. Like everything else, trust takes practice, we must be willing to forgive, to let go, and to experience the difficulties of loss while we extend or own growth in trust and faith. This growth of trust within you is individual to each person and comparing yourself to others along the way can make the journey all the more difficult. Find your own reasons for the good in people, the love in the world, and the opportunity to trust, and you will be gifted in return.